“Expect to be relaxed by the gentle, calming movements that are the focus of our Tai Chi classes”

Moha Wong

Slow exercises and balancing positions help to increase your stamina and strength.

As you learn to combine movements with correct breathing techniques, you will build your ‘qi’ (vital energy) and bring your body into total alignment with nature, your surroundings and the universe in general. It is these combined effects that will lead to you benefiting from improved levels of health throughout your lifetime.

Tai Chi group outdoors

And it’s not just about exercises that everyone does individually. ‘Push Hands’ is a two-person drill focusing on your opponent’s strength and internal force. The drill is accomplished by yielding and re-directing your opponent’s internal force. There are many variations of this drill, and all great fun!

Tai Chi routines are not strenuous so do not require special flexibility or strength. As movements are low impact and put minimal pressure on joints, it is well suited to those who may have some physical limitations.

Like all exercise, commitment is necessary for you to see health benefits, but enjoyment and relaxation are always guaranteed. So make a date to visit one of our classes or try one of our outdoor workshops.

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