“Pilates classes focus on our ‘Neutral spine’ – that is the natural position of our spine when all body parts are in good alignment”

Moha Wong

Our spine is made up of a number of cervical and lumbar inter-vertebral discs which are interdependent and support each other to maintain a healthy natural curve and flexibility, and to promote good posture.

When any disc becomes misaligned, as often happens in accidents or injury, this can also affect the other discs. In our classes, we therefore focus on exercises which help us to maintain the optimal alignment for our neutral spine.

Pilates class for spinal alignment

Our Pilates programme supports the principle of always working at your own level and to your own ability. Moha ensures that every student gets the support they need in class and, in line with Pilates principles, that they maintain the correct technique for each exercise. Professional instruction means that students concentrate on quality of exercises rather than quantity of exercises.

Are you currently spending long hours sitting in front of a computer, or doing desk work? If your answer is yes, then don’t hesitate, join one of our Pilates classes and experience the difference.