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  1. Nick

    I’ve attended Moha’s Iyengar yoga classes for two months now. I find Moha to be a thoroughly professional and motivational instructor. She provides individual attention to each student and gives clear instructions so that students can attempt to achieve the poses with maximum precision. She also integrates the teaching of the moves by announcing the Sanskrit names (as well as the English names) of the poses. This way I feel like I’m also increasing my theoretical knowledge, and so can correctly identify/refer to the moves. Moha has certainly inspired me to delve deeper into Iyengar yoga.

  2. Antonieta Goodall

    Yoga has greatly help me to be mobile again an enable to have a normal life. Moha is a very caring teacher who give a personal touch to each member of the class. modifying each movement according to the individuals needs using blocks blanket another aids to be able to do the movements with no strain. Moha always is very attentive to everyone in the class for each one of us to achieve the maximum benefit in every pose we learn in the class.

    I have never experience in any other have a higly caring teacher highly knowledgeable who go to in India every year for one month to be up date in Iyengar Yoga. .She has a pice of equipment brought from India that greatly strengthened your back and neck. eg I had a procedure in the hospital which was very delicate and cause a great level of stress. I was placed in this wonderful equipment.

    It brought me back to life easing my neck greatly and back such effect had in me that I slept very well. Thanks to her I feel better . I am extremely grateful that I was given this opportunity to be able to use this piece of equipment .

    Any body can book a private class with Moha do not hesitate to contact her to see if you could improve your particular health problem.

    Moha took great care of me tailoring the class for my needs, I was very lucky that on that particular class there ware very few of us .

    The most important to me is that I learn to listen to conect to my body something that has been stress in the class which is in my opinion very important to learn how to move at my own strength acknowledging that everything I do needs to be as precisely as possible . I have learn that in order to do the movements precisely is necessary to commit to attend to the classes when you have learn the movements there is the opportunity to move on to intermediate level. no matter how long it take you perseverance is my advice.

    What I like most from this class is not a commercialized class that you are given many movements, here the priority is to learn each movements in a precise way so the body could benefit and improve your movility and have quality life

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